The LPG possesses modern technological equipment; Among the equipment acquired during the last 5 years there are: 1 Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (Sontek ADVOcean Hydra), 4 RBRvirtuoso wave recorders, 1 Infinity Electromagnetic current meter (JFE Advantech), 1 Valeport ECM 802 electromagnetic current meter, 1 Valeport miniCTD, 1 RTK DGPS (Topcon), 5 GPS units (Garmin), 2 laser distance meters (Leica Disto), 1 YSI Probe for water temperature and conductivity, 1 Hydrographic bathymeter, 1 Side scan sonar (Starfish) for shallow water depths (<20m), 4 HOBO water level recorders for sea level measurements, 1 current meter (Valeport MK5), 2 Optical BackScatter Turbidity Sensors (OBS-2), 2 Lagrangian Drifters with GPS/GPRS transceivers for oceanographic current measurements, 2 Point Grey Flea2 Firewire800 cameras and 2 Vivotek IP 8362 cameras for coastal monitoring, 1 FLIR M-625 Thermal camera, 2 Go-Pro (Hero3+ Black) cameras for underwater stereo-photography and videography, 4 Data Loggers (Campbell Scientific and Measurement Computing), 1 Vibra-Corer (Atlas Copco), 1 VanVeen grab, 1 Smith-McIntyre grab, 1 portable underwater hydraulic coring machine, 4 full sets of Scuba diving equipment, 5 Weather stations (Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus and Davis VantageVue).

The facilities of the LPG is also organised with a well-equipped laboratory for grain size analysis (containing 2 full systems for dry sieving (Cisa), 1 Mastersizer System for wet sieving (1mm) and 1 water deionizer. In addition, the LPG has the appropriate software such as ERDAS, MATHEMATICA, ARC-GIS, ARC-INFO, ENVI+IDL, Agisoft PhotoScan, CEDAS, Modules of Mike 0, Mike 11 and Mike 21 (student licenses), SPSS, MATLAB.